Hello we are Click-Dive, here is our story

Click-Dive is a French company born in 2016 and based in MarseilleOrganized around exchange and consultation, its dynamic team is based on the complementarity of skills where each member in his place and a function with the same entrepreneurial spirit.


“Discovering, Loving, Dreaming, Progressing and Protecting.”

Situation of the problem


  • Have you ever had trouble finding or choosing a diving center during your travels?
  • Have you ever encountered difficulties in booking a diving activity, whether it be with bottle or simply with fins, a mask and a snorkel ? (For example, to find out which center intends to make a wreck dive in 15 days in Florida.)
  • Maybe several times friends have asked you where to do a discovery scuba diving experience or where to obtain your first diver certification during their holidays?
  • Sometimes you do not know who to turn to for a particular training or an immersion with a specific tek diving material?
The majority of divers (we included) have encountered these organizational problems with the need for numerous phone calls, emails and internet searches. That’s why we decided to propose a solution with a suitable tool to remedy it !


We have the solution

For this we wanted to gather the diving information. Of course we have not forgotten the dive centers and instructors so that they adopt in number our system. Our objective was therefore to be able to: find a service at the dates and rates of its choice, know the availability and opinions of other divers, be able to book safelyand at no extra cost, but also offer a system without a subscription to diving professionals who allow them to welcome new divers with the lowest commission on the market 

This challenge has been successful! We presented the first version of our reservation platform at the 19th Paris International Diving Exhibition in 2017 and our idea was unanimously welcomed by the visitors.

Since then, we are constantly trying to gather as many users as possible, focusing on quality and trustworthy relationships with professionals and fun divers.

The Click-Dive Team

Aims and objectives

Its goal is to offer divers around the world an easy access to information from dive providers using a powerful online management tool so that they find the product of their dream. We want to offer a low cost solution for professionals in the sector that is as complete and simple as possible for users. We wish to democratize divingbut also to enhance it through our expertise and those of our employees.


More than a simple booking site, Click-Dive values the most important in diving: pleasure and safety. Sensitized to the fragility of the underwater world, the co-founders of Click-Dive also want to promote through their activity the actions of intervention and awareness in terms of protection of the environment.

Co-Founders & Associates

Brice MASI

After paramedical studies in radiology, Brice turned to biology research for a doctorate. The diving expert of Click-Dive, he is a professional diver certified Class II B by the INPP (French National Institute of Professional Diving), Divemaster PADI (Professional Association of Diving Instructors) n ° 330536 and Cave Diving Instructor (CMAS n°00061). Passionate of exploration and nature, He loves to discover the world. Cave diver sidemount and trimix with rebreathers, Brice is always enthusiastic to discover new techniques and diving destinations. He has imagined Click-Dive with his co-founders, his ambition and his determination are assets for the projet.

Fonction: Chief Executive Officer

Bénédicte ALDEBERT

Bénédicte is passionate about discoveries, she is the management expert of Click-Dive since she teaches as an associate professor at Aix-Marseille University. Doctor specializing in entrepreneurship and innovation, it is through her professional vision that she understands how to meet the needs of recreational divers and webbed hikers to whom she belongs.

Fonction: Administrative manager

Nicolas DUFLOT

Nicolas has never dived outside the digital world of his life but Brice does not despair of making him discover the underwater one day. Geek at heart, he naturally turned to a doctorate in bioinformatics during his studies. Auto entrepreneur in IT service and Web site development. Nicolas is the computer expert of Click-Dive.

Site web: www.nicolas-duflot.fr

Fonction: IT Manager

Isabelle DUPUIS

Isabelle has a strong commercial career in the pharmaceutical industry and decided to share her experience with us to boost Click-Dive. She is also diving and marine biology instructor of the french federation. Smiling and competent, she is in charge of the customer relationship with the professionals of our sector.

Fonction: Sales Manager


Harald is Austrian, former professional classical dancer trained in Vienna. He has also worked in Germany and France. After producing documentary and institutional films, he supports the creation of transformation of projects and develops creativity in innovation. His international experience and artistic perception is important to ameliorate Click-Dive actions.

Fonction: Artistic Director